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My Testimony

I had been baptized as an infant and was taught that I could additionally be saved through good behavior. While growing up, I thought that way was the right way to please God. My religious tradition that focused on works for salvation unknowingly carried over into a Bible study I had in my 20’s; in my sophomore year at college, I had a fellow student ask me if I wanted to study the Bible with him. I accepted the invitation to study it and so began my wild ride to freedom. Even though we studied the Bible and I grew in its knowledge, I was taught I needed to get baptized as an adult because of what the Bible says in the book of Acts. I did get baptized as an adult but I was left with the impression that baptism is what is required to go to heaven and not having the risen Jesus in one’s heart by faith. Baptism doesn’t save but a risen Christ does. It’s having a relationship with Jesus that wins a soul and a body to God.  It wasn’t until I started seeing a biblical counselor in 2016 that I realized I was not saved even though I thought I had been for over 30 years.

I realized with the counseling that my baptism in my 20’s and even a confession of faith I made then were of no profit to me as I thought I needed the rite of baptism for salvation. My confession I did not understand. At my baptism in my early 20’s, I wondered why I confessed faith in Jesus when prompted to do so because baptism saved me. Didn’t it? Why should I confess belief in Christ if baptism is what saves? I had confessed my faith in Jesus but didn’t understand why I did it!

On April 19, 2018 I called on God and received Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life. My life in Christ is new in that I am new in Christ but stilly dying to the notions of how my behavior can get me to heaven or somehow makes me better acceptable to God. My behavior cannot contribute to my going to heaven as I am already saved through Jesus Christ. Just as powerless as I am in my ability to work myself into heaven that I already have by promise, so am I unable to work toward weight loss without Jesus involvement in my life. Please click here to read my about page to understand what godly living is about and how Jesus is more than a ticket into heaven for those wanting to lose weight (as well as other people).